Elephants in Kerala

Thechikkottukavu Ramachandran

History of Elephants The king among the tamed elephants of Kerala. The most valued elphant in kerala. Ranks first in 'thalayeduppu' and 'Edaneelam'(body length). He is 43 year old. He is the only elphant with 5 months " madapaddu "(masthu). The second heighest elepant in Kerala. Height-10.3ft. He is a Bihari elephant. The hero of elephant lovers of Kerala because of his manliness and the majestic appearance.

Owner-Thrissur Peramangalthu Thechikkottukavu Devaswom. It may be the first temple became famous in the name of its elephant.

Mr. Unni from Edakkunni brought Ramachandran from Bihar to Kerala. The elephnat trader Mr.Venkadari bought him. Then he had no special peculiarities. The devotees of Thechikkottukavu Devaswom bought him from Venkadadri. After that he grown up as the hero of the Kerala. During festive seasons he will participate in more than 120 poorams!!!

From the income of the elephant the temple had constructed an Auditorium, a lorry for his transport and bought another tusker. He had became an unavoidable part of the poorams.

Some years ago he climbed up to the first floor of a building after the punishments of the mahout. At the top he frightened to come down then a crane was used to lift him down. The contractor who had built the building became famous for the strong construction. The cement used for the building also got famous after this incident.

He is the strongest elephant of Kerala but has In 1999 he fought with Thiruvambadi Chandrashekharan and severely injured him. He had lost the sight of his right eye after the punishment from his mahout.

He is the winner of Cherai Pooram, Chakkumarassery pooram, Parkkadi pooram and Cheeram kulangara pooram for several years.